Street food has taken a turn for the best over the years. Whether it’s the snack shacks by the side of offices in the business district, or smaller mobile vendors, street food cred has never been better.

Generally it’s defined as food cooked or prepared for immediate consumption on the streets. Ingredients are locally available and flavors are familiar. Street food is typically the affordable way to fill up on a hungry day. And if one ever wanted to know more about a different culture, then tasting and observing the local street food scene is the best way to go.

Across Asia, markets touting freshly prepared, just-cooked dishes have sprouted as genuine tourist attractions. Most patrons choose to walk while savoring their dishes, but some vendors now offer small tables and stools that are packed away once it’s time to get moving.

Food trucks are another fast-moving trend. Some join more popular food markets in the metro, or drive to a specific destination to set up.

In the Philippines, concerns about cleanliness and safety are being addressed through school regulations and city ordinances. Vendors are trained and certified in food handling. With this movement, sellers have diversified from the usual deep fried treats to steamed finger foods, baked goods, native delicacies, preserved fruits and even hot soups.

So what’s next for easily available and affordable street foodstuff? Its surging popularity has led Potatoes USA to offer this selection inspired by different corners of Asia. Experience the enhanced flavors, convenience and ease of using U.S. potatoes in various forms for these street food recipes. Now let’s get cooking!

Street Food Savvy Recipes

Curry Fish Balls

U.S. dehy and crisscut potatoes add depth and texture to already robust flavors!

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Beef and Potato Kofta

U.S. Crisscut fries transform this traditional meat dish into a complete meal!

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US Potato Dango

U.S. dehy potato is the perfect, creamy binder for this Japanese delight.

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US Potato Pork Gyoza with Wings

Chopped U.S. straight cut fries adds texture and weight to the gyoza for a tasty and filling treat!

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US Potato Korean Fried Chicken

Using U.S. dehy potato made for a tastier batter that stays crunchy long after cooking!

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US Potato Chicken Spring Rolls

Using U.S. Hashbrowns adds texture and flavor to this fast-moving, fan favorite.

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Chicken Siomai

U.S. hashbrowns and dehy potato are binder, filler and enhancer to this best-seller.

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US Potato Okonomiyaki

U.S. dehy and hash browns elevate the flavors of this famous Japanese dish.

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US Potato Chunky Monkey Smoothie

The addition of U.S. dehy potato was the key to this smooth and nutritious refreshment!

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