HEIRLOOM RECIPES. These are treasured family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. Tried and tested recipes whose rich, comforting flavors not only please the palate but warm the heart and soothe the soul. Much like these family heirloom recipes that five of today’s most respected and well-loved chefs are sharing with us in this recipe collection.

Our featured chefs for this collection are masters not only of their kitchens but of their craft as well. Myrna Segismundo , Glenda Barretto, Sandy Daza, Nancy Reyes-Lumen and Claude Tayag, who come from prominent families renowned for exquisite Filipino cooking. Here, we showcase dishes cooked by the generations that came before us, prepared by our parents and grandparents and served during unforgettable Sunday family lunches and special occasions.

What these dishes also have in common is that they allshowcase fresh table stock potatoes. What is not to love about potatoes? They are versatile and present in many dishes, whether for everyday meals or for special occasions. You cannot call it a poor man’s food because it is present in every dish, whether rich or poor, gourmet or simple. Whether it’s for a simple home dish or a fancy platter, potatoes have become everyman’s food.

Through this collection, we hope to inspire everyone to try dipping their hands into heirloom recipes and make them his (or her) own. These are recipes showcasing potatoes as a main ingredient in culinary masterpieces handed down from one generation of Master Chefs to the next. They have been faithfully recreated, improved, cooked and served with love by Myrna, Glenda, Sandy, Nancy and Claude.

For this U.S. Potato Heirloom Collection, we cooked these dishes with the fondest remembrance of our mothers and grandmothers—they who taught us how to prepare these dishes and continue to inspire us to share them with our loved ones and friends. We’ve had such a great time doing the dishes and enjoying them together afterwards as we shared stories about similar bonding moments with the greatest chefs of our young lives.

Be ready to be introduced to familiar but unusual dishes crafted with different kinds of fresh table stock potatoes and be surprised that there is a whole potato wonderland out there just waiting to be discovered. There’s such a wide selection of potatoes now, especially with the introduction of U.S. varieties in recent years, which can practically go into any Filipino dish, heirloom dishes included.

Heirloom Collection Recipes

Pastel de Pollo

Pastel de Pollo by Chef Myrna Segismundo

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Bacalao Ala Vizcaina (Bacalao con Tomate)

Bacalao Ala Vizcaina by Chef Claude Tayag

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Pistu by Chef Claude Tayag

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My Lola Mereng’s Adobo sa Beer

My Lola Mereng’s Adobo sa Beer by Chef Nancy Reyes-Lumen

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Pescado con Escama de Patata (Baked Fish with Potato Scales)

Pescado con Escama de Patata by Chef Glenda Barretto

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Croquetas De Jamon y Espinacas (Ham and Spinach Croquettes)

Croquetas De Jamon y Espinacas by Chef Glenda Barretto

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Laman Dagat Al Horno

Laman Dagat Al Horno by Chef Sandy Daza

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Beef Kaldereta

Beef Kaldereta by Chef Myrna Segismundo

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Potato Ala Cubano

Potato Ala Cubano by Chef Sandy Daza

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Take Pride in These Other Filipino Crafted Recipes Exclusively Created for Potatoes USA.

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