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Team Potato

You’re driven and highly motivated. You’re a tough competitor who feels beating your personal best is just as important as crossing the finish line. You understand that what you eat will play a huge part in achieving that goal, that score, that win.

Like-minded Filipino athletes have come together to form Team Potato Philippines, dedicated to doing their best in sports and fitness, and in their everyday lives.

Team Potato participates in competitions, trainings and fun events fueled by U.S. potatoes. They enjoy perks, gear and exclusive rewards as they promote wellness.

Sign ups for Team Potato are seasonal so check back here when slots open up.


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Photos posted below are from the social media accounts of the members.

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Potatoes for Athletic Performance

Its about athletic performance powered by potatoes. Potatoes provide the complex carbohydrates, potassium, fiber and vitamin C to get you up and moving towards achieving your best.

A medium-sized potato with skin on gives you:

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